Personal Equipment checklist


. Good quality Trekking shoes (should be bought atleast a month before beginning of trek and should be properly broken into) please remember this is one of the most important equipment on a trek as you will be on your feet between 8 to 12 hour every day. So be very sure when choosing a brand.

. Camp shoes or slippers

. Socks – polypropylene (5 to 6 pairs) wool (2 pairs)


Down or fiber - filled jacket

Jumper or pile jacket

Hiking shorts (for men) or skirt

Waterproof jacket, poncho or umbrella

Hiking pants

T-shirts or blouses


Sun hat

Other Equipment

. Rucksack (60 to 80 litres capacity

. Sleeping bag (light weight and suitable for sub-zero temperature)

Sleeping pad/mat

. Water Bottle(1 litre capacity

. Torch (Flash light) Batteries and an extra bulb(Sunglasses(100% UV protection)

Miscellaneous Items

. Toilet articles

. Toilet paper and wet tissue (Optional)

. Cigarette and cigarette lighter if you smoke (You will have to pay 200% tax)

. Sun block also called sun screen lotion with a High SPF(20 or above)

. Small knife preferably a Swiss Army Knife set

. Towel(Light weight)

. Laundry soap (optional)

. Medical and first aid kit

. Sewing kit


. Camera & lenses

. Lens cleaning equipment

. Film rolls if using a traditional analog camera or digital camera that also takes ‘AA’ or ‘AAA’ size batteries

* the total weight of your rucksack should not exceed 8 to 10 kg.


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