In Bhutan

Trekking in Bhutan offers one of the most uniquely exotic trekking routes and experience. Treks ranging from 6 days to almost a month are on offer here, taking one through the least explored territory in the world. Be it the Jumolhari Trek , The Snowman Trek , Dagala Thousand Lake Trek and the likes. All these are very diverse experiences in terms of the natural beauty they present, the flora and fauna one comes across, high altitude fishing. Trekking in Bhutan takes one to base camps of peaks never conquered and paths least travelled.

Bhutan treks organised by Bhutan Travel Packages are very well planned and orchestrated, a complete team of experienced guides, camp cooks, beast of burden and crew accompany on the excursion. Bhutan Travel Packages will also provide you with all the provisions, tents, and all the other camping equipment to make Bhutan trekking experience one of the most memorable, as well as luxurious one.


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