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Travel Bhutan with Bhutan Travel Packages and know a land of fairy tales and mystery. We welcomes you to the land of Thunder Dragon. It's very recently that Bhutan has opened up to the outside world, till late 1990's only 5,000 tourist were allowed per annum to visit this beautiful country. Bhutan very passionately preserves its culture and heritage. These centuries of isolation has left this Himalayan kingdom virtually untouched by modernisation. Any modernisation is also very strictly monitored, all the new construction has to be done in traditional Bhutanese style from the outside, and all citizens are required to wear national dress in public. Bhutan also takes pride and aggressively protects its natural heritage, in the land of' Thunder Dragon' environment is not only protected but revered. Bhutan Travel Packages in this Bhutan travel package will take you through almost all of Bhutan.

Day-by-day itinerary

Day 1

Your Bhutan travel experience will start much before your arrival at the beautiful Paro airport. The flight and descend into Paro airport is breath-taking. After clearing the airport formalities you will be greeted by Bhutan Travel Packages guide and a driver who will directly take you to the capital city of Bhutan, Thimpu, here you will be taken to your hotel to have lunch and rest after the long travel to this magnificent Kingdom of Bhutan. Late afternoon your guide will take you to explore the local market.

Day 2

Your Bhutan trip will commence by first visiting the Tashischo Dzong; a beautiful medieval fortress/monastery housing most of the government offices and the King's throne room. This is also the summer residence of Je Khenpo, the chief Abbot of the Buddhist Kingdom of Bhutan. You will continue Bhutan tour by then visiting Zorig Chusum the the school of 13 traditional arts and crafts. Here you will also be able to see pupil at work, immersed in traditional intricate weaving. Institute of Tibetology. The National Memorial Chorten, the handicraft emporium. National Library: this facility holds an extensive collection of Buddhist text and manuscripts dating back many a centuries as well as some modern literature.

Day 3

Your Bhutan tour will now take you Phobjika, will pass Dochula Pass (3150) about 30 km from Thimpu, from here you can have a beautiful view of the Himalayan mountain range. Phobjikha valley is one of the widest valleys in Bhutan, this is a glacial valley and is winter home to the Black Necked Crane which migrate here to escape the bitter cold of Tibet. We will have some time to explore the valley. If black necked cranes are still here or if you are here in the winter season, you can watch them foraging in the valley.

Day 4

Gangtey. Today on fourth day of your Bhutan Travel Package you will be exploring, to start with the Gangtey Gonpa, this is an important monastery Nyingmapa school of Buddhism. Gangtey Gonpa was established in 1613 by the first Peling Gyalse' Rinpoche or Gangteng Tulku . Gantey is also from where the descendant of the first king of Bhutan Ugyen Wangchuk of the Wangchuk Dynasty of Bhutan, which also the present ruling dynasty, who took up throne in 1907 A.D can be traced to the clan of the Dunghar Chole, a subsidiary clan of Khouchung Choje, the founder of this was this clan was Kunga Wangpo, the fourth son of Pema lingpa.

Day 5

Today your Bhutan travel package will take you to Chumkhar or Choekor Valley. This is considered to be the most beautiful part in Bhutan and is fondly referred to as the 'Switzerland of Bhutan'. We will first visit the Jakar Dzong (fortress), which is located on a ridge above the Jakar village of a population of around 5,000. It was originally constructed in 1667 and was later rebuilt after it was immensely damaged in an earthquake in 1897. Jakar is known as the stronghold of Vajrayan Buddhism Jakar Dzong. Then you will be visiting Wangdiecholing Palace built in 1857. It served as the principal summer residence for the first and the second king, although it's not a very impressive structure as it lacks major salient features, but it is definitely worth a visit. We will stay at a hotel in Gangtey for the night. We will also be visiting a few other monasteries like Khurje Lhakhang and Jambey Lhakhang before calling it a day.

Day 6

Bumthang, Ura Valley. At a distance of about 1.5 hour from Jakar lays the Ura Valley and is the highest of the four valleys known collectively as Bumthang. Ura village is a traditional village and is beautiful to be covered on foot, and the guide can arrange for you to visit one of the local families, for you to have a first-hand experience of true Bhutanese life style which has remain unchanged for a millennia, if you so desire. In late afternoon you will head back to Jakar and on the way take rest at the Flaming Lake, which comes after you cross a wooden bridge over Tang Chhu (river), where in 16th century Pema lingpa a religious leader is said to have discovered hidden artefacts by Guru Rinpoche. It is possible to walk back to Jakar from the Flaming Lake, if you so desire.

Day 7

Today's your travel in Bhutan will take you to Trongsa.Dzong a three hour journey to this largest Dzong of Bhutan. This Dzong is located aginst the imposing backdrop of Black Mountains to the southwest and overlooking Mangde Chhu (river) valley. This is a powerfully built fortress and has exemplary traditional architecture. It has over 25 temples and is constructed on different levels.

Day 8

Punakha a four hour drive will bring you to the Punakha valley, a scenic valley with long stretches of terraced rice fields on the beautiful mountain slopes. Post lunch you will be visiting Chimi Lhakhang, the temple of divine mad monk. One of the Bhutan's most treasured figures, the temple is in a picturesque location across paddy fields. Punakha Dzong (fortress) or Pungtang Dechen Photrang Dzong (the place of great happiness or bliss), built in early 17th century, this is second oldest and the second largest Dzong in Bhutan. This is located in a beautiful setting of the confluence of two rivers Pho Chhu (Father River) and Mo Chhu (Mother River). You will stay the night at Punakha.

Day 9

Khamsum Yul-le Namgyel Chorten. Today you will start your Bhutan trip to some of the traditional villages of Punakha and observe how different the life here is to our own. Post lunch you can take a 45 minute walk to scenic Khamsum Yul-le Namgyel Chorten. The construction of this Chorten took over 9 years to complete and as in Bhutanese architecture no engineering drawings were made only Buddhist scriptures were consulted.

Day 10

Paro. After breakfast you will begin your journey back to Paro. We recommend that after reaching there and having had your lunch at the designated hotel you take a look around Paro's local market where various Bhutanese traditional handicraft, jewellery and textile are sold.

Day 11

Your penultimate day of your Bhutan travel package Paro Tiger's Nest Monastery the Tiger's Liar. It's a moderate hike to the monastery which takes about two hour to reach the top. The monastery is open to visitors. One can go inside the many temples here and pray, or ask for their wishes to be granted. It's customary for Bhutanese to offer currency as part of the prayer, but not crucial for a visitor to do the same. In one or the other temple one can see a number of monks chanting Buddhist chants with hundreds of butter lamps lit, the whole experience is surreal. From the grounds of the monastery the view of the valley below and the Himalayan peaks around, is breath-taking. On the way back you will have lunch in the cafeteria located slightly off the hike path. In afternoon you will visit Ringpung Dzong or the Paro Fortress. You can take rest of the day for yourself, maybe to do last minute shopping, whatever your plan our guide would be happy to assist.

Day 11

Departure. Your fairy-tale like Bhutan travel package has come to an end, we at Bhutan Travel Packages wish you a safe journey back home. You will be seen off to the Paro International Airport. While itineraries are pre-planned there is some flexibility and you'll have plenty of scope for you to be able to choose places to visit, as well as drop a few places on itinerary if you so desire. Also all the packages can be custom made to suite your need.


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