Prakhar Tshechu Bhutan Travel Plan 12 Day

Travel Dates: 9th November to 20th November 2011

Day 1:- Arrival in Paro, Bhutan. Drive 1 hour to Thimpu.
Elevation 2,280m

Day 2:- Thimpu to Punakha
Drive time 2 ½ hours | Elevation 1,300m

Day 3:- Punakha to Bumthang
Drive time 6 hours | Elevation 1,300m

Day 4:- Bumthang
Elevation 1,300m
Be a part of Prakhar Tshechu celebration.

Day 5:- Bumthang to Trongsa
Elevation 2,316m
Be a part of Prakhar Tshechu celebration.

Day 6:- Trongsa to Gangtey
Elevation 3,000m | Drive time 4 hours

Day 7:- Gangtey
Elevation 3,000m

Day 8:- Gangtey to Thimphu
Drive time 4 hours | Elevation 2,320m

Day 9:- Tour of Thimphu
Elevation 2,320m

Day 10:- Thimphu to Paro
Elevation 2,280m

Day 11:- Paro
Elevation 2,280m

Day 12:- Derarture Paro Airport


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