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Bhutan has one of the most exquisite landscapes, monasteries, fortresses and people and one can photograph freely, except for the places like monasteries and some parts of fortresses, where special permission must be sought. The protocol for filming in Bhutan differs from that of normal tours and treks. The tourists or professionals keen to film in Bhutan must abide by the Bhutanese Filing Regulations, 1995, available with the implementing agency, the Tourism Council of Bhutan. ( the regulation doesn't apply to feature or cinematographic films). Applications for a filming permit must be submitted to the Tourism Council of Bhutan at least 30 days in advance. The application must be accompanied by:

Fimling Royalty

The rates given above are applicable per tourist per night halt in Bhutan. On the day of departure, the 'local agents' host obligation shall be limited to breakfast only and any extra requirements shall be payable on actual basis. The rates shall apply uniformly irrespective of locations and the type of accommodation provided/asked for. List of hotels and lodges approved for international tourist accommodation updated from time to time shall be issued by TCB.


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