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About Bhutan Bhutan is a small independent sovereign country in the eastern Himalayas. It is a landlocked country bordering to the east, west and south to India and to the north by the Tibet Autonomous Region of China. Its official name is DrukYul – Land of Thunder dragon with the additional nickname of DekiDruk(Yul) – (the Land of) of the peaceful Thunder Dragon because modern Bhutan has not only a quite orderly social fabric but according to a global survey of Business Week in 2006 it was evaluated the happiest country in Asia and the eighth-happiest nation in the world.

Bhutan is the last stronghold of Vajreyana Buddhism, the most scholarly teaching in the Buddhist world. The state religion of the Kingdom of Bhutan is Vajryana Buddhism and about third-fourth of its population is Buddhist but around one fourth population follows Hinduism and merely one percent account for Muslim and non-religious communities.

Bhutan is a paradise with fascinating natural beauty. It is widely depicted as a modern day Shangri-La. It is the most peaceful and almost crime free country. Beggars and homeless hardly exist in Bhutan. Education is free and treatment in hospitals and clinics is also free. In case of a patient’s treatment is not possible in the country, the patient is referred to a reputable hospital abroad. There are also numerous indigenous medical facilities in the country. The sale of tobacco and its products is banned(foreign tourist and NGO are exempt) and smoking in public area is a punishable offense in the country.

Only a fortunate few most seasoned tourists visit the stunning natural country of Bhutan and they are not onlyenchanted by its virgin elegant beauty but are also impressed by its strong sense of culture and tradition. We at BhutanTravelPackageswill make all possible effort to make your Bhutan visit comfortable and most endearing experience of your life.


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