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A Very Special Message from the Association of Bhutanese Tour Operators
Association of Bhutanese Tour Operators
Thimphu Bhutan

Tourism is a major source of revenue for many countries and an important means of achieving socio-economic development. For a small country like Bhutan, tourism takes on a special significance. The country believes that tourism, in affording the opportunity to travel, can help promote an understanding among people from different corners of the world and build closer ties of friendship based on appreciation and mutual respect for different cultures and lifestyles.

Eco-friendly Tourism #1 on the Priority List

Despite the good tidings, there are problems attached with tourism in Bhutan which, if not controlled in a timely manner, can have a devastating and irreversible impact on the local environment, culture and identity of the people. Realizing these problems and the fact that the resources on which Bhutan tourism is based are limited, the Royal government of Bhutan has recognized the need to develop tourism in Bhutan based on the principles of sustainability. In other words, tourism in Bhutan must be both environmentally and economically viable at the same time.

Unqualified Support from the Government

Since the advent of tourism in Bhutan in 1974, the Royal Government has adopted a committed approach toward the growth and development of tourism in Bhutan. In order to significantly minimize any problems faced by tourists, the number of tourists who arrive in the country each year has been maintained at a manageable level. This has been implemented through a government-regulated tourist tariff policy. The meeting between all the tour Operators and the honorable Lyonchhen Prime Minister of Bhutan was convened on 24th February, 2010 paving the way for several major outcomes:

The government is committed to the policy of 'High Value, Low Impact', minimal or no negative impact which does not undermine culture, promotes ecological conservation, equitable distribution of tourism benefits and social harmony. The primary focus is on tourism that promotes well-being/ spirituality, MICE and adventure tourism based on principles of the Gross National Happiness factor (GNH).

There will be regular and ongoing discussions between stakeholders. Meetings between the Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB) and the various tourism associations every 6 months. If felt necessary, the associations will put in writing the requisition for additional meetings. The primary purpose of these meetings will be to further improve the overall Bhutan travel experience for our tourists and guests. An annual meeting between the Tourism Council members and the tourism industry under the auspices of the Association of Bhutanese Tour Operators will also be held. The Tourism Council of Bhutan will update its website regularly to reflect all the initiatives implemented by TCB on a regular basis.

Code of Conduct

The Association of Bhutanese Tour Operators (ABTO) has been mandated to institute and promote ethical conduct (Code of Conduct to promote and sustain responsible tourism guidelines. ABTO is also mandated to monitor and regulate in a fully transparent environment the various packages offered within the tariff schedules. ABTO and the Hotel Association of Bhutan (HAB) will work closely together on further improving the quality of cuisine and its variety.

Absolutely no Room for Unethical Activities

No clemency will be granted to those involved in unethical tourism in Bhutan such as sex tourism and other forms of illegal tourism. The Government has pledged to take swift and determined action against violators.
Our Honorable Prime Minister has appealed to the tourism fraternity to promote and preserve our national identity through wearing our national dress to individual private offices.

Please be informed that an official announcement/ circular on the above will soon be circulated. Until then, please treat the above information as reference and for your kind information only.
Important Recommendations for Visitors planning to engage in Bhutan Tourism As a tourist, you should make reservations for your tour through a recognized Bhutanese tour operator such as, with your entire land arrangements provided by us. For cultural tours in Bhutan, the booking arrangements should be made four weeks in advance. During festivals however, the arrangements should be made six weeks in advance. The spring and autumn festivals are the peak times for tourism in Bhutan, and without early reservations, it's often difficult to confirm flight and hotel reservations.

Trekking in Bhutan

Bhutan Trekking groups should complete booking arrangements at least eight weeks in advance. This requires detailed advanced planning. has built up impressive resources and can offer you the finest and the best organized trekking packages you can imagine. So why not use our contact Us page to write to us or call us so that we can initiate a no obligation process for you? Tell us how many of you there are, if you have gone on treks before and how long you would like to stay in Bhutan and watch us work the magic for you!


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